How To Apply For Google Adsense and Actually Get Approved

Make account google adsense full approve

How To Apply For Google Adsense and Actually Get Approved
ZonaDollar Creating a blog just to fun your writing hobby is very easy and it is not necessary to read this trick, because here I just want to give a few examples about the perfect blog to be able to make money from your blog, like layout, appearance and also many more . Because before you can make money from Google Adsense there is an early stage that is quite difficult for beginners is to register Google Adsense, because I also have experienced the difficulty of signing up Google Adsense hosted blogs and Google Adsense Non Hosted, but if you carefully understand the trick of this ZonaDollar , I hope you can immediately start to create a blog that is ready for you to register to Google Adsense. Here's How To Create Blog For Adsense List 100% Full Approve.

Make account google adsense full approve
How to make it exactly the same as you create regular blogs but many points that you have not fulfilled so that your blog often get rejection email from Google Adsense,

1. Original Content

This is a powerful weapon for your blog can be approved Google Adsense and I am sure of thousands of tricks to be accepted Google Adsense is the original content (write your own hands) and if you have a high commitment with you can create original content every day, without the knowledge that seo powers will surely be lifted by google for your article is always on the main page google search and from here there will be many visitors on your blog. Although there are many people who accepted Google Adsense only with copy and paste content, but more are rejected using copy and paste content, because by using copy and paste content you can only mengandndum whose name is luck. But if you use the original content 70% would have accepted Google Adsense. The unnecessarily bulky content of the original, like "how to keep the computer right" even though the article may not be so useful, the original is important. And I suggest your content is (About Electronic / Technology / Network / Blogging) because of the many Content blog that I know that list is very fast for review stage and rarely also there is a word of rejection compared to other content. And I hope for your first 15 articles do not get any links to download a file of any kind. For the minimum article is 15 articles already published and it is not on the same date you can set it yourself, and give 5 articles that are scheduled.

2. Blog View

The look of your blog also affects your Google Adsense application if you have not been able to change the template, I suggest you use a built-in blog template that says Emporio, and if you can use other templates you can use Evo Magz template because I think this template is often I use without any rejection email. And you also have to add widgets like table of contents, popular posts, random post, and the last is folo by email. In addition I hope you do not add it again before you received google adsense

3. Complementary Pages

The complement page is a step that is often forgotten for beginners. Actually this complementary page is also quite useful for you can quickly get an email acceptance from Google Adsense, complementary pages themselves are: About, Contact, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. You must create the 5 pages. And you can fill the 5 pages using a generator here, not including About and Contact. After all the pages you've finished make the last step is to create a menu list for your 5 pages in the main menu.

4. Find the name of your Blog until you meet from google search

search for the right word for you can find your website whatever it is, because from here your blog will be detected visitors from google, and this step is a way to increase your blog in the eyes of google, because from here it will be seen that many blogs are looking for it ) even though it really is not, after you see the new traffic from google you can repeat it several times.

If all is done you can immediately register your blog on google adsense because this blog is a new blog usually requires 3-7 days of review unless you have indexed your article in google webmaster, then just 1-3 day stage review. That's why keriteria blog is very powerful to register your blog on Google Adsense.
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