How to Make Hundreds of Original Articles Quickly

How to Make Hundreds of Original Articles Quickly
How to Make Hundreds of Original Articles Quickly
ZonaDollar Creating hundreds of articles and even thousands of articles for your blog may be difficult for beginners. Because I feel like writing articles that are so draining and also mind, different from the middle to upper level that prioritizes the instant way through premium software that is sold in the official web. Because with a special tool you can create thousands of articles without having to type them yourself. But for that I have not provided material here, because I am here to give you the task to create 100 articles to register your blog on Google Adsense. 100 articles not just for 1 blog but for 4 different blogs (25 articles for each blog) and have a different domain TLD (Top Level Domain). Because with this you have 95% chance of your first Google Adsense acceptance for a short time, even your first 4 Google Adsense and ready to market. And with that money you can buy more domains to be able to add Google Adsense eggs from the blogs you create. So how do I create hundreds of original articles for capital register adsense.

How to Make Hundreds of Original Articles Quickly

How to create hundreds of original articles without typing your own articles

Not 100% original that I put on the title of this blog, but the article that beluam there on blog - another log. Instead of using rewriters or the like, all you need to prepare is to find useful writing on paper such as ex-syscripts, school material books and more. But not for the book package that has been tersublik on the internet. Once you find the materials you want to input on your blog, the second step is you must have an android smartphone with a camera that is still working, and the last you need to download  Text Fairy in google play store.

Text Fairy is an application that can copy writing from hard copy to soft copy via capture. So you ask why I suggest to download the Text Fairy. Because this application is very useful for the breeders adsense for the bottom tied, different from those middle-class adsense ranchers who use the services of article authors.

And for the last step you do is to photograph articles that you think are appropriate for your blog and copy the results of the text stored in the Text Fairy, then pastekan on your blog each.

Conclusion From the above article is:

  • Search for articles in book form (not package books)
  • Using Text Fairy to photograph articles on the book and in making articles that can be copied on the blog.
Up here is your view to try now? I hope you can quickly succeed and can write a successful comment about your first Google Adsense. If you want to ask something you can comment below with the best words thanks.

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