10 Easy Ways to Overcome XIAOMI Cellphones That Often Die Alone: Latest

10 Easy Ways to Overcome XIAOMI HP That Often Die Alone: ​​Latest, Every Android device, whatever its brand certainly has advantages and disadvantages. Everything can get trouble or damage. Because in every smartphone user usually has problems on different devices. But of the many problems that often occur, namely the application installed on your smartphone, can be due to traffic jams, slow, error messages, or it can be on the Android system.

Well, I explain a little about the causes of these problems can vary, see some of the factors below.
  • Excessive heat on Smartphone Hardware.
  • Overload on Hardware, can RAM, CPU, GPU
  • XIAOMI smartphone has been rooted
  • Error doing ROM Costum.
  • Stacks of junk files that are very large and never cleaned.
  • Damage to the installed application.
  • Damage to the Android System.

Well after knowing the problem, now I will discuss the Easy Way to Overcome XIAOMI HP That Often Dead Alone: ​​Newest, see the full review below.

1. Remove Applications That Are Not Used

Remove applications that you have never used. Like for example Game applications. If for example you have already spent a level from the Game itself then surely you will never play it again. Or if there are other applications that you don't use then you should just delete the application.

2. Scan Android with Antivirus

Do scanning on your Android memory. There is a saying that is willing to pay before it rains, so your Android smartphone might be able to get a virus from outside, either from the Internet or from someone's file. The solution is scanning using Antivirus. You can get and download antivirus directly from Google Playstore. And of course all antiviruses are free or free.

3. Delete Application Error Data

All you can do is delete application data. This method you do on applications that often experience problems, errors, and traffic jams. If you delete application data, for example, the data on the Facebook application, all the temporary data will be lost, such as database, application cache, history, bookmarks, and so on.

4. Clean the Android Cache File

Cleans cache files on Android memory. This kind of thing is very important for you to do. Why? Because usually the cache file will inhibit the performance of the smartphone itself and will reduce the performance of the smartphone that can make itself dead or restart suddenly. And even worse, if the smartphone user has never cleaned junk files for months or even years, then of course the smartphone's performance feels very slow. To clean cache files.

5. Remove Disturbing Applications

Remove applications that interfere with every way the smartphone. Or it could be the cracking application in which there are many viruses that can damage the Android operating system that you use. Such applications are not good to install on Android smartphones. Fear in the future can damage the Android system, and certainly the Android system will experience a decrease in performance

6. Factory Reset

Restore Android to factory settings. This method is effective in overcoming all errors in the Android system and application. But in the way that I explain this there is a big risk that all data on the application and system will be totally lost. As for data stored in internal memory such as applications, documents, photos, videos and music can be backed up first.

7. Unroot Android

Unroot Android Smartphone. You do this if you have previously rooted your Android smartphone. Root sometimes makes smartphone performance improve better. But on the other hand, ROOT can also damage the Android system itself. Therefore, you should return the XIAOMI cellphone that you ROOT, you return it as usual.

8. Reinstall the System

Overcoming XIAOMI HP Often turns itself off by reinstalling the Android system. You must download the Firmware or ROM according to the type of XIAOMI HP you have. By installing the system, your XIAOMI HP will feel new, more fresh and faster.

9. Update the Android System

You are trying to do it is an Android System Update. This method will make the Smartphone better because from the software side it has been updated to a higher level. In addition, system updates will also make bugs or damage to be lost.

10. Try Unplugging MicroSD

SD Card or commonly called the Android MicroSD that is experiencing problems sometimes can indeed make the smartphone performance experience a decline. And usually can also make an Android smartphone die alone. For that, first make sure your Micro SD is not problematic or has a virus. Unplug the Micro SD if necessary, and reactivate the XIAOMI HP you have.

Now that's a full review of the 10 Easy Ways to Overcome XIAOMI Cellphones That Are Often Dead Alone: ​​Latest, which you can try now. If it is still unclear please comment below, so and thank you.

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