3 Easy Steps How to Check the Oppo HP Warranty

How to Check the Oppo HP Warranty with 3 Easy Steps, Knowing how to check the original Oppo warranty is very important for those of you who use this device made by the Bamboo Curtain Country. By knowing the age of the Oppo warranty, you can buy a used device that is of high quality or if you want to sell your favorite smartphone, the price is not too cheap because you have proof that the device still has a warranty.

Lately many people want to buy an old device whose warranty is up, but the seller is still guaranteed. For example, actors selling Oppo smartphones that are 1.5 years old, then the casing has been replaced with a new case, then the perpetrator says that the device is new and smooth and has a warranty.

With such rich features, it is not surprising that OPPO prices are expensive for its products, which makes us as consumers to choose second hand products. But there is one drawback of second hand products other than the minus of the first user, namely the warranty. The seller sometimes falsifies the warranty in various ways.

In checking the warranty of the Oppo product there is an easy and fast way to see the date printed on the warranty card. Oppo smartphones certainly have a one-year product warranty and service service calculated from the date of purchase on the warranty card and purchase note.

However, to get a guarantee there are several procedures that must be fulfilled, as successfully summarized by the Futureloka team below.

* For its Service Center, OPPO itself has never provided a guarantee for a gift given when purchasing a cellphone, such as SD Card, Powerbank, and others
* Rooting which results in hardware damage
* Does not have a warranty card or purchase note
* Accessories such as battery, charger, O-Click, and data cable will be guaranteed for 6 months and earphones for 3 months in the event of damage due to quality problems, not damage to human negligence, such as broken and cracked
* Oppo smartphone buyers are required to bring home a warranty card or purchase note when they want to claim a cellphone warranty or accessories
* The serviced cellphone will be completed within 7 working days after being received at the official OPPO Service Center, can be checked at http://www.oppomobile.co.id/services
* Software upgrades at the Service Center are free of charge
* Cellphone damage due to human error / negligence, such as broken screens, falls and water / liquid intrusion
* Has been dismantled, modified by the user himself, or by an unauthorized site warranty
* For units that are charged, the buyer must pay the service fee before work.
* Buyers can easily submit their smartphone if they experience hardware damage due to product quality before 7 days from the date of purchase

Here's How to Check the HP Oppo Guarantee with 3 Easy Steps

Make sure you follow step by step in this tutorial correctly to avoid invalid results. Please refer to step by step as follows:

1. Open the official OPPO website, scroll down and select "Warranty Status",

2. Fill in the form provided with the OPPO IMEI number as well as the validation code,

3. Click Check Now, the information about the OPPO warranty status that you check will appear.

That is a complete review of How to Check the Oppo HP Warranty with 3 Easy Steps, don't forget to share this post with your friends if they want to buy a used Oppo cellphone so that they are not deceived by the seller who says they have only used three months even after checking the warranty has expired. That is all and thank you.

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