Causes and Easy Ways to Overcome VIVO HP Fat: 5 Minutes

Causes and Easy Ways to Overcome VIVO Cellphone Fat: 5 Minutes, Who wants the cellphone slow? Of course you really want a device that has reliable performance in every way. Therefore, it is very important for VIVO Smartphone users to know how to make VIVO mobile phones not slow and so on. Because there is a saying that It is better to prevent than cure, right? Well, if we know the cause we can avoid things that cause VIVO's HP to slow down.

Well, here are some of the causes that cause VIVO HP to be slow:

1) External Memory Class or commonly called Micro SD, forget about the amount of external memory capacity you use because I'm sure the amount of capacity you use can be 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. But the point that must be considered is not in the memory capacity but in Class.
The best External (Micro SD) memory is Micro SD which has Class 10 and will be very suitable for those of you who use the Android OS for the purpose of meeting their daily needs. If you are already using Micro SD that has class 10 you don't have to worry anymore when returning deleted files because this class is usually stronger.
Now there is a little explanation about how to know the class of a memory by turning off your device and then opening your HP VIVO then open and see the Micro SD there is usually a number 4, 6 and 10 that are seen using lowercase letters.

2) Too many of these applications can make your Android blank, crashing, force close and even cause your HP VIVO to be slow. I suggest always downloading the application from the remission site, Google Play Store, because their server will scan automatically for the type of application version that is suitable for your VIVO device.

3) Always pay attention to the specifications of your VIVO smartphone, such as internal memory capacity and Random Access Memory (RAM), whether it has a large enough capacity to support the advanced applications that you install. The way is very easy, namely by opening the Task Manager that is already on the VIVO smartphone, there will be a description of the RAM and Internal memory of the Xiaomi cellphone that you are using.

4) It could be an outdated OS version, if you are a new user who buys or uses Android then you should know the operating system version used on that device. Maybe you've heard about Android 5, Android 6, and so on. How to check it is open the Settings menu> About Phone> Android version.

After you understand and know the benefits above, it would be wise if you immediately apply it by following all the steps below appropriately.

1) Set the HP VIVO Synchronization

By setting the synchronization on VIVO smartphone, you don't use too much internet data packet connection that is requested to be displayed and downloaded automatically. Because if left continuously by default in addition to burdening RAM will also drain your internet data quota.

2) Delete the Home Screen Widget

Don't use displaying the widget on the main screen of your HP VIVO even though using a lot of widgets will look cool but actually burdens the device, make sure you only use widgets for applications that really have the functions you need.

3) Use the Application you need

The more applications that are installed, the more RAM requests must be taken. You must minimize the excessive use of applications and delete them if not needed.

4) Avoid Wearing Live Wallpapers

It will look more cool and interesting if you use live wallpaper but things like this will actually make your HP VIVO battery run out quickly and cause slow.

5) Use Clean Master

Using this one application that can clean regularly cookies, junk files and cache. Every time you access the internet all website data will be stored in the browser cache that you use. Besides this Clean Master application can be able to delete an empty file because it has been created automatically by various applications so that your internal memory will become full of useless files and data.

6) Activate Auto Kill

Activate Auto Kill on Clean Master. Do you have this auto kill goal? the goal is to forcibly turn off other applications that are considered to take excessive RAM. Take it easy, this feature is safe and will work in the background automatically.

7) Freeze bloatware application

This can only be done on HP VIVO that has been rooted. One application that has the freeze feature is the link2SD that you can download on google, but there are still many other applications like that that are circulating in the Play Store.

8) Use a paid application

When you use the free version of the application you are actually being used as a guinea pig. Now, that's why many good or bad reviews are made on the Google application market, which of course by sharing this application for free will help developers to find bugs or settings that are appropriate. If you need more security, you can buy a premium application.

Well that's the full review of the Causes and Easy Ways to Overcome VIVO Cellphone Slow: 5 Minutes, leave your comment below. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.

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