Easy Ways to Deal with Missing Signals on Android Only 2 Minutes

Nine Easy Ways to Overcome the Lost Signal on Android Only 2 Minutes, The missing or weak signal is very annoying. Not only telephone and SMS that are hampered, but with a slow and interrupted internet connection, or no internet access (no internet access).

If the signal suddenly disappears on your smartphone, all activities will be stopped such as chatting, video calls, social media timeline updates, and other internet activities will stop. The website cannot be opened. Browsing, downloading, and uploading will be interrupted.

Actually, the problem is getting down the internet connection signal or internet connection that is missing a lot of causes.

For that before we discuss how to deal with the signal of an android or smartphone cell that often goes up and down and even the loss of sinyak (internet connection) it would be nice to know in advance why the android phone we have is experiencing this problem. the following are problems that often appear, such as:
  • Signal Range The Area Is None
  • Changes occur in the Settings Menu
  • Disconnect Signals
  • Software Problems
  • Influence of Extreme Weather

Well after knowing the problem now continue in Nine Easy Ways to Overcome Signals Missing on Android Only 2 Minutes, see the full review below?

1. Restart the HP

The first way is the easiest way to do that is to restart, HP will start all processes from the beginning and will automatically search for new networks. HP Restarting can also overcome various problems that appear on our smartphone.

2. Activate Flight Mode

How to make the HP signal strong again by activating flight mode. If this mode is alive then all signals will be lost, then deactivate flight mode to make the signal detected again perfectly.

3. Switch Location

It is possible to move to a location or another area that strongly supports the signals, both 2G, 3GB and 4GB at least strong enough to be able to do internet activities or send SMS and phone calls.
If the place you moved earlier did not get a signal then move briefly to another place with a higher signal. Usually, places where there are no towers, such as in villages or villages, it is very difficult to get a strong signal.

4. The operator or ISP may be in signal repair

If the signal is normally normal and smooth, but suddenly disappears without a clear cause, the operator or ISP is likely to make improvements to the signal.
There is no other solution than you are patient to wait for the signal to appear. But if the operator signal that you use is often lost, it would be better to use a SIM card with a different operator, or internet service from a different ISP, which is much better.
Operators or ISPs that provide services at high prices are very comparable with their excellent quality.

5. Replace the HP SIM Card

Please try to change your smartphone's SIM card to another operator temporarily with another SIM card to determine whether or not the damage is caused by the SIM card. If the damage is caused by a sim card, you will automatically change the SIM card.

6. Change Network Mode

To change the network mode on your smartphone to get 2G, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA, and 4G LTE signals automatically, please choose Settings => Cellular Network => Select Network Mode "WSDMA / GSM (automatic connection", this method is very effective to overcome weak HP signals.

7. Search Network Manually

To select a network manually, it's easy for you to just enter the network settings menu. The way is go to Network & Connections settings then Mobile Network then select Operator then Select Automatically. The smartphone will try to connect to the network that has been detected.

8. You May Be Wrong Setting the APN

Smartphones and cellular operators are equipped with sensitivity to signal capture. The signal may need to adjust the network type and APN that you are using at that time.

If you buy a 4G internet package but your smartphone doesn't support 4G, then you have to buy a 3G package or another internet package with the type of network that supports your smartphone. If the 4G network is still not in your place or around you, replace the package with the 3G network type.

If you buy the 3G package, the network settings are set to 2G, then change the settings first. If it turns out that the APN requested by the operator, you enter the wrong APN, correct it.

Most smartphone users don't pay too much attention to the settings on the network that they use. The signal suddenly disappears, which is caused by the wrong network settings, the APN has not been entered, or the network type does not match.
How to change the network settings of the SIM card is very easy. Open Settings then SIM cards & mobile network then (provider name).

9. Bad Radio Signal

The signal that suddenly disappears can be caused by our smartphone not emitting the correct radio signal. to overcome this you have to enter the code as in the picture on the dial pad. Then the menu will appear, and select Phone Information.

Then click Run Ping Test and scroll down and select, LTE / GSM auto (PRL). Then tap on the Turn Off Radio button. When all processes are complete, just restart your smartphone and see the changes. Check how the network conditions of the operator you are using.

Please apply the steps above in sequence and my hopes hopefully from Nine Easy Ways to Overcome Signals Missing on Android Only 2 Minutes can help you. If this article is useful for you, please share with your friends, relatives, or family as a form of concern for the author and those who experience the same problems as you. That is all and thank you.

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