How to Charge the Right Oppo Mobile Phone Within 1 Hour

How to Charge the Right Oppo Mobile Phone Within 1 Hour, One of the rituals that a Smartphone user can never miss whether it is based on Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, even a Limbad feature phone is charging as know as charging the battery . Well, so there are frills like the word super stamina, power saving, super power saving, and so on.

This time I will discuss about How to Charge the Right Oppo Cellphone Within 1 Hour, Considering our habits in charging can also determine durability or durability of the Smartphone battery itself. Which will also affect other components.

1. Perform Charging Directly from the Charger

Well, where do you want to go from? It's definitely charging from the charger right ?! Yes, it is absolutely true, but there are some users of OPPO smartphones who think that the charging process can actually be via a USB cable that is plugged into a computer or laptop.

Generally the USB slot on the laptop or computer has a current of 0.5 amperes so that even though both function like a charger, but the main function of electricity from the USB slot to the Oppo Smartphone is more to the extension of stand-by time. So don't be surprised if you often find that if you use an Oppo Smartphone via a USB Laptop or PC slot it takes a long time rather than using an original charger

2. Use the Original Charger from OPPO

If this is certain, it will be better to use an Original charger, besides it already has clear standards from Oppo, it also provides security for us as owners of Smartphones. I myself am a user who likes to use an Original charger, even if it is damaged, I will still buy an original charger even if it is expensive rather than buying a fake charger that is on the counter near the house.

3. Use a Charger that Supports Quick Charge

Using a charger that supports fast charging is also highly recommended for Oppo Smartphone users. In addition to the duration of the charging time which can be shorter also the efficiency of the heat produced by the battery is also not long.

Well the risk of using a charger that already has the Quick Charge feature is that the battery will heat up quickly, but it will happen in the beginning of charging, especially if your Oppo Smartphone battery is at a crisis level. The way it works itself is by injecting electric current to the maximum extent possible to touch 3 Ampere at the beginning of charging the funds will continue to decrease Ampere when the filling percentage has reached 100%.

4. Use Airplane Mode

A Smartphone is basically one of the usual mobile phones that have been equipped with the latest capabilities. So, whatever you want, you will continue to try to capture the signal from the operator to stay connected and can be used to communicate.
Well the problem is that cellular signals from operators in Indonesia are stable, sometimes rising sometimes down, as a result the Smartphone will struggle to stabilize signal reception and that also contributes to battery drainage. While the principle of charging is to charge the charger from the station to the Smartphone. fish matters are certainly the opposite. Therefore, as much as possible to activate the airplane mode when charging the battery.

5. Charging in the Off position (Shutdown / Off)

One of the most often I do when charging Oppo cell phone batteries, especially when left to sleep at night. Charging the battery in a totally dead condition is certainly more effective than activating the airplane mode because the incoming electric current is really focused on the battery charging process so that the duration of the charge time can also be shorter.

In addition, the heat produced is minimal and will only occur at the beginning of filling. Another advantage of charging when the position is off is that other components can take longer to use, including the battery itself. Because now a lot of smartphones that have used a planting battery so that it requires more effort if you want to make a battery replacement.

6. Charge the battery when it's cold

At some of the points above I have often mentioned that in the process of charging the Oppo battery there will be a hot name. This is a natural thing considering that the electricity entering the battery will create a chemical reaction which results in the release of hot color aliases.
Therefore, if you want to charge the Oppo cellphone battery, try to cool it first at room temperature (not suddenly). Especially when finished playing online games. That way, the Oppo battery charge will be optimal which leads to a longer battery life.

7. Use Original and Quality USB Cables

Believe it or not, for those of you who have been underestimating from a USB cable (well the important thing is that the USB cable can connect to a computer, made charging). Believe it or not, the quality of the USB cable is very influential in the process of charging the Oppo battery.

so don't be surprised if there is one USB cable thread can cost Rp. 100.00, - up to Rp. 200,000, - upwards. Because the USB cables are made from the best materials and additional features that are not available on the Oppo default cable.

8. Don't Play Game When Charging Process

Well, that doesn't mean it can't, but because it's already a habit, it turns out to be a continuation. even though you were not told to spend money at all like some previous points. Especially if it's not playing games while charging.
Even though it is clear, when you play the game while charging it is not comfortable because there is a USB cable that dangles. The heat generated from the charging process plus a process that continuously works

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