How to Get Rid of Dew on the HP Camera

How to Get Rid of Dew on a Mobile Camera Within a Minute, a dewy cellphone camera lens is a problem that can occur on anyone's cellphone. Not surprising for those of you who are reading this article. Surely this problem can bother you right? when when you want to take photos or moments can be hampered because of the dew on the camera of your cellphone.

No need to worry, because the moist air that condenses inside the cellphone lens can be removed without having to be unloaded. We can handle it ourselves at home with makeshift tools.

With most cases on a dewy cellphone camera it is not dangerous. with a record of not too much water entering. Another story is that if there is a lot of dew to the cellphone screen, we have to move quickly. There is no harm in going directly to the nearest service center.

Not infrequently, the moisture in the camera of the cellphone is difficult to disappear by itself. Do you have problems like this? Well, on this occasion I will share How to Get Rid of Dew on a Mobile Camera Within a Minute? Immediately see the following review.

1. Laptop fan

This is also one easy way to remove moisture on the HP camera because you only need to use the laptop that is on, more precisely it uses a laptop fan. You just have to put your cellphone aside from the laptop winds that are interrupted.

Make sure you put it near the laptop fan. Then, you can leave it for a while until the dew is completely gone. For this method it is also not effective enough because the laptop fan has the potential to blow dust and dirt from the laptop machine. So, don't leave the cellphone too long near the laptop fan, huh.

2. Rice

Using rice. I have met this method often and in my opinion it is a bit troublesome. Can we imagine if you have to prepare rice and wait for it to get the moisture in the lens of your cellphone's camera to disappear.
The trick is that you just add enough rice in an existing container or in a bucket. Then put your cellphone into the rice that you put into the container or bucket until it was buried. My advice is to use warm rice in the sense that you can dry the rice first in the sun.

Then you leave it all day and see the results, you can be sure the dew will disappear due to the warmth of the rice.

3. Silica Gel

We often find silica gel together with the shoes we buy, are in a small package of paper. This material serves to absorb moisture. Can be purchased at the chemical shop for kilos.

4. Steam

By using water vapor, I do not recommend this method because it is a little risky. That is by putting your cellphone on hot or warm water. But don't let your cell phone get exposed to water.

Hot steam from the water will slowly remove the moisture that is on the camera lens on your cellphone. Use this method with caution because if you are not careful, your cellphone can fall into the water. This method can be done if the third method above has not been successful, but if the third way above has been successful you do not need to use this fourth method.

5. Hair Dryer

By using a heating device. The trick is also almost similar to using a laptop before using a hair dryer can be called a hair dryer. By using this hair dryer you can dry the dew on the camera lens on your cellphone.

The trick is just turn on the hair dryer or the hairdryer then point to the cell phone camera that is dewy and then wait a few minutes until the dew in the cellphone camera disappears.
But there is a bit of confusion in this way that not everyone has a hairdryer, so it's hard to find it. Holding a hair dryer long enough will make your hands sore.

6. Lights

Embum problems in your cellphone's camera most often occur in the rainy season, so sunlight cannot be expected. The solution is to use the heat of the lamp. What can be used include learning lights, sleeping lights or just flashlights from other cellphones.

7. Sunlight

Dew in the HP camera often goes away by itself. How come it works? When the temperature in your environment increases, moisture will evaporate and quickly come out. Unfortunately this can only be overcome if there is only a small amount of water vapor in the cellphone.

In order to quickly evaporate, we can utilize the heat of the sun. But don't leave it to be dried right away! Later there will be a lot of dust sticking. To prevent that, you can use plastic wrap.

So many articles about How to Get Rid of Dew on a Mobile Camera in a Minute Time. If later the dew turns back on your cellphone, I suggest opening and cleaning the inside of the cellphone. It was feared that the remaining water would come in, the best solution would be to the nearest service center. Hopefully this article is useful. That is all and thank you.

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