How to Overcome Instagram Can't Repeat News News: 5 Minutes

How to Overcome Instagram Cannot Reload News News: 5 Minutes, Instagram is a social media application that is currently being loved by many android users. Instagram users often spend time looking at the latest news or feeds. Through this feature, Instagram users can see the activities of other users. But what if suddenly Instagram can't reload the latest news? Of course you will be upset and really annoyed.

No need to worry about friends, you can use a number of ways below to solve instagram problems that cannot reload the latest news.

1. Delete Cache on Instagram

Cache can simply be interpreted as a junk file. But actually, the cache is important for smartphones. Because the cache records all the performance that has been done by the cellphone. So thanks to cache, the performance of the phone becomes lighter. But if it builds up too much, it causes the application performance to be interrupted.
It's the same as what happens in the Instagram application. If the cache file is too piling up, it can cause various problems on Instagram. Including Instagram is not able to reload news.

2. See Internet Speed

If you find Instagram you can't reload news, then the first thing you should suspect as the cause is your internet connection. Whether your internet is stable or even down.
You can see your internet connection speed by opening settings (settings), then tab word about cellphone. there, you will see your internet speed.
Or you can also check your internet speed by opening the Youtube Application. try playing one video, if the video is not able to spin, then obviously the cause of the latest news not being posted on Instagram is your internet speed.

3. Delete Instagram Data

Still can't overcome the methods above? then you can try sending your Instagram data. just remember to clean the instagra application data, not delete the application.
Unfortunately, when you do this action, automatically all your Instagram greeting data will be erased. You will also logout automatically. So after doing this action, you must log in again.

4. Force Stop the Instagram Application

If after you clean the cache data and internet connection you are fine. but Instagram is still not able to load news feeds, the next action you can do is force close.
Because when you exit the application just by pressing the back button, the actual application doesn't actually come out. You can see in recent apps.

5. Update the Instagram Application

The next way you can use to overcome instagram that can't load news, that is to do an Instagram update. The update does not burden the cellphone, but removes bugs (problems) that occur in an application and adds features if it exists.

6. Turn off other applications that are running

If your smartphone is included in the category of mainstream or entry low class smartphone that is supported by low specifications, then you cannot open many applications at the same time. If you do, the mobile load will be heavy and Instagram might not be able to load the news.
You need to know, if you open the application but only you close it by pressing the back button, the actual application is not really closed. the application is still running in the background.
To close the application perfectly, press the recent apps button, then click the cross.

7. Reboot the Cellphone

Okay friend, if your problem is still not finished, let's use the next method. Try to reboot android. this method can solve the problem quickly enough. It's just that this method doesn't erase the root of the problem.
How to reboot simply by: Press the On / off button select reboot.
8. Reinstall the Application

If you don't receive an application update, the only way you can use is to delete and reinstall the application. With you reinstalling the application, automatically, the Instagram application you are using is the latest.
To uninstall the application, please long press the application until a cross appears and place the application in the cross.

9. Clean Android History and Cache

Next, you can also do clear history and Android cache. For this method, you can use a cleaning application. Please read the cleaning application on Android to choose the best one.
Now that's a number of ways you can use if you find Instagram can't load news.

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