The latest! 8 Ways to Overcome "Unfortunately the Camera Has Stopped" on Android

The latest! 8 Ways to Overcome "Unfortunately the Camera Has Stopped" on Android, the camera feature on smartphones today is very vital especially with the sophistication and camera features of this era of smartphone that can be almost close to professional cameraman shots so that it pampers its users to continue capturing precious moments or just take a selfie with a favorite smartphone. It's just that sometimes there is a camera problem on our smartphone, which could suddenly crash or error in other words it hangs or cannot be used with the message Unfortunatelly the camera has been stopped or "unfortunately the camera has stopped" on the screen of your smartphone.

What Is the Cause?

Before explaining how to overcome this, of course we must understand first, how can this happen? when this happens, the cause is probably the Mobile Ram you are too much used as a result of opening the Camera Forced Close. Full ram occurs because you open too many other applications. The second cause can be caused because you have rooted your Android smartphone. Here is the full review of, Latest! 8 Ways to Overcome "Unfortunately the Camera Has Stopped" on Android:

1. Unroot Smartphone

Having root permissions does have many advantages for Android smartphones, but sometimes the root brings various errors. One of the impacts is the problem that we are discussing.
To overcome this is to do an unroot. Unroot can be done on the root application that you use when rooting a smartphone. If you succeed in unrooting, try checking whether your camera can be used again or not. If so, that means the main cause is located in the root that you have done.

2. Update the Android OS

One of the things or ways that can be done if an error occurs by doing an update (update) on the Android OS. Of course if we use a new OS automatically various updates to the Bug have been resolved.
The way to do the update is fairly easy, you just enter the settings then search about the phone (About Phone) then Update System (System Update). even though this way you need a network to download the new data.

3. Delete Camera Application Data

How to Overcome Unfortunately the Camera Has Stopped, namely the error that comes from the camera application itself. Like a camera error or not responding, if cleared it will eliminate the problem.

4. Restart the Smartphone

The best and easiest method for dealing with an android camera that doesn't work is by rebooting. Because the restart of the Android Smartphone will correct minor errors. And at the same time refresh the performance of the android itself. I personally think that using this method is quite effective as a way to deal with the camera unfortunately has stopped on your smartphone.

5. Disabling and Reactivating the Smartphone Camera

This method is also quite effective to fix android cameras that suddenly hang and error because basically all applications running on your smartphone can be disabled and re-activated. In this way you like restarting the camera application on your Android phone so that the camera feature returns to normal, see the following method
Enter settings / tap apps / app tap settings all apps that are running tap the camera application and deactivate it for a moment then reactivate it. Finished

6. Remove Other Camera Applications Installed

If your Android camera experiences Blank or black, it can happen because there are several camera applications that you install through third parties until there is a collision between the factory default camera application and the one you install. Even though the application is compatible with your Android OS but maybe not with the camera hardware on your smartphone. If so, you can try removing the other camera application.

7. Close Other Running Applications

If you want to use the Camera, it's a good idea to stop other applications that are running behind the screen (Backround). Why do you have to stop the Application, because the purpose of this is to provide and lighten the burden of Ram and only focus on the camera application that is open.

8. Factory Reset or Hard Reset Android

This method is the last step if all of the above is still not possible. This method is considered very risky because it will delete various data that is on your Android Smartphone, so it's good before doing a Factory Reset. You backup important data - important. The purpose of this Factory Reset is to return your Smartphone back to Factory state.

The trick is fairly easy, you just need to enter the settings, then look for backup and reset, then select Factory Reset. for All Smartphones it might be a different way, but the place remains the same, which is in the settings.

Well, that's the Latest! 8 Ways to Overcome "Unfortunately the Camera Has Stopped" on Android. Hopefully my tips can be useful and you can smile again because you can capture a precious moment again using your favorite smartphone camera.

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