The latest! How to save OPPO batteries to be durable and not wasteful

The latest! How to Save OPPO Battery To be Durable and Not Wasteful, OPPO is one of the Smartphone vendors that is able to penetrate the smartphone market in Indonesia. This is certainly reasonable. Where indeed many smartphone users fall in love with the products offered by OPPO. This is because the product is deliberately priced at a fairly expensive price.

Things like this aim to make the quality and specifications provided not only carelessly but more towards guaranteed quality including to be able to save more oppo batteries so that they are not wasteful and durable. So that is what makes one of the attractions of HP oppo. Although it has several advantages in several sectors, HP oppo is also a lot of complaints about the existence of a battery that runs out quickly or wastefully.

1. Using the Battery Saving Feature

Oppo HP does provide a variety of features and certainly can be used by its users to the fullest. One of them is the battery saver feature. Where on the Android smartphone oppo, you can activate the smart saving mode feature that there are several options that you can customize to your needs. You can enable ultra saving mode or optimized mode.

2. Limiting Widget

The use of widgets on the main display on the screen does provide shortcuts that can speed up in the search for an application that will be used. But without you knowing the number of widgets will make your HP oppo battery become more wasteful or run out quickly.
Well for those of you who have several widgets on the home screen that always update at any time automatically like the weather, gmail, facebook, twitter and many more, then the widget is the one that drains the use of your battery. Of course it is unfortunate if your oppo battery becomes quickly used up for things that are not so important. For this reason you must limit the use of widgets on the home screen.

3. Deactivate Support Features

With you deactivate some of the features available on oppo HP such as for example data usage, Wi-Fi, Blueetooth or GPS. Why does this need to be done? Basically, if these features are active, it will automatically search for signals. This certainly will take a lot of battery power. For this reason, when you are not using it, it's a good idea to deactivate these features.

4. Use Lock Screen Notifications

By activating lock screen notifications. This method is considered an effective way because you can glance at the incoming notification without having to open the entire screen or open the application. You can use this feature in the Lolipop class Oppo Andorid type but if you still use Android Kitkat or the previous operating system, you can use a lock screen widget that can be downloaded in PlayStore. That way you can get all notifications without having to open your Oppo android phone completely.

5. Disable Vibration and Feedback

Of course you also often do not realize if the vibration on your cellphone turns out to be one of the causes of Oppo batteries quickly run out. This is because the electric motor that is being used to drive vibration will indeed continue to drain large-scale battery power. If you do not need a vibration mode on your cellphone, you should avoid using vibration mode either on incoming calls, sms, or feedback vibrations.

6. Turn off the Smart Android Feature

Oppo vendors have instilled some smart features that make it easier for users. But a lot of smart features on Oppo android call it auto rotation which makes it easy to use your smartphone. But without you realizing the smart features contained in your cellphone oppo it turns out to be very draining of battery power. Although it is very easy to operate the HP OPPO, you must be wiser in saving the battery power you use.

7. Sleep Time Settings

By setting android sleep time. Where is the intended sleep time is the time when the Android Oppo Android screen will turn off automatically when it is not used within a specified time interval. Of course, where the longer your HP oppo screen turns on, the greater the battery power usage. Given the screen is indeed one of the battery drains that is quite large for Android smartphones. For this reason you have to set the time to sleep. Your HP Oppo Android is as short as possible.

8. Setting Screen Brightness Level

This one setting really needs to be noticed. With you adjusting the brightness level on the Hp oppo screen, it will certainly affect the performance in saving battery. Try not to activate auto brigteness. Basically it is a feature that requires a large enough battery power because it has to condition the HP Oppo you can adapt to the brightness of a place. For that, do the screen brightness settings manually.

9. Select a Dark Color Wallpaper

This of course will be very useful if your HP Oppo Android has an Amoled class screen. With you using a dark wallpaper will make a way to save battery power. The reason is that the amoled screen only illuminates the screen part that has a different color. Because a lot of experiments have been done using a dark or black screen on HP amoled, which will save about 6% of battery power.

10. Take advantage of the Battery Use Details Feature

Oppo HP certainly has many features that show the details of battery usage. Where to find out, you will know what applications consume a lot of your battery power. This way you can make savings by controlling the use of the application.
That's the full review of the latest! How to save battery OPPO To be durable and not wasteful, if there is a question that you want to convey please write it in the comments section. Thank you

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