How to Hide WhatsApp Photos from the Android Gallery

By default, the photos and videos we receive through the WhatsApp application will be displayed in the mobile gallery, unless we disable the "Automatic download media" feature. Yes, if this feature is not active, media (photos or videos) will only appear in the gallery after we download it manually.

What about audio and documents? In general, the audio we receive through WA will be visible and can be heard through the music player application (except voice messages / voice notes that are hidden by default). The document is so sob, can be seen in the list of documents in the related application (PDF Reader for example).

Then how to hide WA photos and videos from the gallery? How can the audio and documents not appear in the related application?

So that Photo Whatsapp Is Not Seen on the Mobile Gallery

Actually there are many ways to prevent WA photos and videos from appearing in the gallery. Starting from excluding WhatsApp folders from gallery scans, to manually adding ".nomedia" files to the folder where WhatsApp photos and videos are located.

It sounds complicated. Relax, starting with version 2.18.159 beta, the WhatsApp app for Android is equipped with the "Media visibility" feature. As the name suggests, this feature is useful for adjusting media visibility (photos, videos, audio, and documents) that we receive through WA. In short, through this feature we can hide our WA photos and videos.

How do you do it?

How to Hide WhatsApp Photos and Videos from Gallery

In order for the WA photos and videos we receive are not visible in the gallery, including audio and documents, please follow the easy steps below.

  1. Update your WhatsApp Android app to the latest version (minimum version 2.18.159 beta).
  2. UPDATE 04/06/2018: In the WA version 2.18.171 application update, the position of the "Media Visibility" feature is moved to the menu 3 points at the top right of the screen - Settings - Chat.
    How to Hide WhatsApp Photos
  3. Scroll the screen down and uncheck the "Show media in gallery" option (Save media to gallery).
  4. Now, after that photos, videos, audio, and documents that enter your WA will not be seen in the mobile gallery.

After all, how come my WA photos and videos are still visible in the gallery? Well, bro, the settings above only apply to photos / videos that have just entered our WA, so it's normal for old photos and videos to still be in the gallery. In other words, the media we received before checking "Show gallery media" was removed will still be visible in the gallery.

Can the old WA photos and videos not be removed from the gallery? You can, just delete everything later, too. Joking sob 😃

In order for old photos and videos not to be seen in the gallery, we can exclude the "WhatsApp - Media" folder from our phone gallery settings, the way it may be different for each type of Android gallery application (can also be via the "Hide folder" feature if available - in this thing i use QuickPic)

How to Hide WhatsApp Photos

As mentioned above, we can also hide WA photos / videos from the gallery using the file explorer application (Solid Explorer for example). Just create a new file in the WhatsApp Images folder with the name ".nomedia". Do the same with other folders that also contain media, such as WhatsApp Video, WhatsApp Document, WhatsApp Audio, etc.
UPDATE 06/23/2018: If previously we can only adjust media visibility for all conversations in WA, now we can choose to display or not display media from certain chats, both group and private.
For example, we don't want to display photos from certain WA groups in cellphone galleries (because members often send former photos or larvae), but on the other hand we still want photos from groups or other chat to appear in the gallery as usual, then this feature will be very helpful . 

How to Hide WhatsApp Photos

The method is also easy, just enter the group info or the desired contact, then select "Media visibility". There we can choose "Default (Yes / No)" to use the default settings that apply to all chats (such as update 04/06/2018 above). In addition we can also choose "Yes" or "No" to display or not display WA media in the gallery; specific to the group or contact.

Oiya, this method only applies to photos or videos sent after we apply media visibility settings, so the old photos will still appear / hidden according to the default settings that we have previously applied. Good luck 😊

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