How to quickly record voice calls on Whatsapp: Latest

How to quickly record voice phone on Whatsapp: The latest, WhatsApp is one of the best applications released so far by Apple's iTunes store and Google Play Store. It was originally launched as a texting application but later developed into a complete communication package that offers texting, multimedia file sharing, audio calling, and even video calling. Every smartphone user uses this application regularly.

record voice calls on Whatsapp

When recording video calls made using WhatsApp, the application does not offer built-in features. Luckily for me, there are several third-party applications available on the market that allow me to record WhatsApp calls on Android smartphones. Some details about some of the most popular applications in this regard are given below for your convenience and understanding.

Messenger Call Recorder

Messenger Call Recorder is another high-end application that allows you to record WhatsApp conversations easily and quickly. This application automatically records each of your WhatsApp calls. To rotate or divide it, see the history screen. Messenger Call Recorder also offers many other additional features, including configuring contacts that you want to record, modifying the audio source format and output, automatically deleting history according to your preferences. It is also compatible with most of the devices available on the market and offers automatic or manual call recording, among other features. The best part of this application is available for free. All you need to do is download and install it to your device, how to:

1. Open the Play Store and download the Messenger Call Recorder application.
2. Once installed, you will be given the option to enter your phone settings and turn on Messenger Call Recorder. After you click Enable Now you will be sent to the settings to activate it.
3. After that you also have the option to manually set everything, which can be done by going to settings and selecting Accessibility, where you can activate Messenger Call Recorder.

Whatsapp Call Recorder

WhatsApp Call Recorder is an Android-based application that allows users to record WhatsApp calls. This application is quite simple but efficient which allows you to easily record your WhatsApp conversations. What makes this application better than others available is the fact that it offers a variety of additional features. For example, this allows you to record all incoming and outgoing calls, view them every day, adjust the configuration of the calls you want to record, modify the output format and audio source, and automatically delete the history. In addition, it is compatible with most devices, has a built-in recording player, and more.

1. Start by downloading the Whatsapp Call Recorder application to your Android device.
2. Open a new application on your device.
3. Make calls to anyone using the Whatsapp application.
4. After the call is connected, click the red circle button to start recording the conversation.
5. If you want to stop recording, just click the box in the circle button below the red button.
6. That will stop recording and save it to the SD card.

Real Call Recorder

Real Call Recorder is an Android-based WhatsApp chat recorder designed to do WhatsApp video recordings. This is a high-end application that offers various features for recording WhatsApp conversations. If you are looking for an application that allows you to automatically record all calls made using WhatsApp, one of the best features offered by this application is a high level of security and privacy. This application ensures that your recordings cannot be accessed by anyone other than you.

To get the best sound quality for WhatsApp call recording, the best course of action is to ensure that the settings are correctly configured according to the device being used. If not, there is a possibility that audio quality is lower than you expected

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