Easy Ways to Root Android Mobile with Kingroot

The term root is a strange thing for some people in the world of Android, but along with the times and the development of the term root technology is increasingly known throughout the world, if you talk iphone the root term is jail break; both of these things are increasingly trending in today's modern smartphone world. for some people's opinions, root is very dangerous, especially in the security or security affairs of the android, especially from malware or virus attacks that are now rella and have become a frightening specter for all smartphone users in the world. but it cannot be denied that it has a bad impact on Android users themselves. but on this occasion the world of tanzil will change the mindset of someone who assesses that rooting is an activity that endangers its smartphone, especially from virus attacks. Basically, the reality is that root access is an activity to unlock the security of our smartphone, if it is described as a house door that is not given a lock or a key so that thieves can be easily entered at any time. What is meant by the world of tanzil is the purpose of rooting android, which is for very important purposes, such as you are free to access or control everything, including the costum room or related to freedom of program, especially applications that require root access. creation, so it cannot be uninstalled by uninstalling in settings like other application applications such as BBM, WhatsApp, IMO, Facebook, or browsing applications, and games. The default application is usually like google drive, youtube, google map, etc. according to the cellphone manufacturer itself. Immediately the Tanzil world will explain how to easily root an Android phone. first download the king root application on the website, because king root is not available in play store but you have to be careful because there are many websites that make the king root download site the reason because of its easy root access, therefore you are encouraged to be careful -even other than that the fake king root site is definitely a virus inserted by irresponsible people, here is the correct example of the website address

After downloading you install the king root application like installing a normal application

Slide the road out protect privacy message via root up

After a few stages now you wait for confirmation from the Kingroot application, whether or not the access is available

I tried to root the Android Note N7000 phone

After processing your cellphone is found, you immediately start to start the root process, up to 100% but what you need to remember is root access requires internet access, so success does not root it depending on the normal internet, try when you want to find a place the network is normal or better network 4g
After success, there will be a green check mark, after that you can use root access to facilitate the costum room or delete factory default applications that previously could not be deleted now it can definitely be removed by using the factory default application removal application so that your RAM is reduced

Finish it how to root the android phone in the easiest way by using the king root application, while other root applications are using a PC or laptop
I have used this application for all mobile phones with a 99% success rate. So if there is a technical error that is beyond the responsibility of the Tanzil World. good luck good luck ....

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