How to Check Samsung's HP Warranty with 3 Easy Steps

How to Check Samsung's HP Warranty with 3 Easy Steps, Samsung is known to be one of the giant companies for the smartphone business line. Samsung has advantages in terms of innovation that competes with Apple. Not only that, Samsung also has the most service centers in Indonesia. So you don't need to worry if at any time your smartphone is damaged. Hardware that is owned by Samsung products is fairly durable even though it is not as fast as Xiaomi (at an equivalent price).

So do not miss the benefits provided by this Samsung. Indeed, like most electronic items from Samsung. The Samsung company always provides free repair services or free of charge through this warranty. How to check Samsung's warranty for all types and types of Samsung smartphones can be done easily.

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In checking the warranty of Samsung products there is an easy and fast way to see the date stated on the warranty card. Samsung smartphones certainly have a one-year product warranty and service service calculated from the date of purchase on the warranty card and purchase note.

However, to get a guarantee there are several procedures that must be fulfilled, as successfully summarized below.

  • For the Service Center itself, the Samsung Company has no guarantee for a merchandise that is awarded when purchasing products, such as SD Card, Powerbank, and others.
  • Rooting which results in hardware damage
  • Does not have a warranty card or purchase note
  • Other accessories such as battery, charger, O-Click, and data cable will be guaranteed for 6 months and earphones for 3 months if there is damage caused by quality problems, not damage to human negligence, such as broken and cracked
  • Buyers of products from Samsung are required to bring home a warranty card or purchase note when they want to claim a cellphone warranty or accessories
  • Samsung smartphones serviced approximately 7 days during repair, depending on damage
  • Software upgrades at the Samsung Service Center are free
  • Damage to the smartphone due to errors or negligence of the users themselves, such as broken screens, falls and water / liquid intrusion
  • Has been dismantled, modified by the user himself, or by an unauthorized site warranty
  • For units that are charged, the buyer must pay the service fee before work.
  • Buyers of Samsung products can easily submit their smartphones if they experience hardware damage due to product quality before 7 days from the date of purchase

1. How to Check Samsung IMEI with Code * # 06 #

The first thing you have to do is open the Phone Call or Phone application on a Samsung smartphone.

- Next, type code * # 06 #.
- If you have, press the Call button (bearing the phone).
- Later the IMEI number will automatically appear on the Samsung smartphone screen.
- This method can be said to work on all types of brands and types of smartphones.

2. Check through

There are also other similar services to check the Samsung Android warranty. The site,, does not only function to check IMEI, this service also includes a Samsung smartphone warranty check. Its function is to be able to check the warranty and other information about Samsung smartphone products.

Even though the Samsung warranty check here can easily be done, but you must first have an account on this site. You can just log in to check. For the check process itself, input the IMEI number from your Samsung cellphone. Then click "Warranty". Then also enter the 10 digit serial number / serial number, finally "Check Samsung Phone Details".

3. Check the Samsung Warranty on the official website

The last one is the most accurate way of Samsung products, from specifications, to the warranty.
The only way is to access the official Samsung warranty site: Then select Samsung Smartphone Products from the drop-down menu: Starting from the Model, and Serial Number options. If it is appropriate, it will appear complete specifications including your Samsung android phone warranty.

Now that's how to check the Samsung cellphone warranty with 5 easy steps that you can try right now, if there is a question that you want to submit, write it in the comment column. That is all and thank you.

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