How to Play Mobile Legends to Run Smoothly without Lags on Android

This Moonton Mobile Legend game has been released since mid-2016 yesterday, and the demand is increasing every month until now. How not, this game has a MOBA genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and is present for Android and iOS OS users.

Game genre like this has previously been present on PCs that we usually call DotA 1 and DotA 2. And now for the mobile version, Moonton released this game called Mobile Legends. For Android with god specifications, you can run this game without any problems at all, but what about Android with a minimal price but still want to play this game? Because the article is indeed getting harder and harder because it always gets updates to fix bugs, add player costumes, or even add heroes. Without length, let's see How to Play Mobile Legends to Run Smoothly without Lag on Android.

How to Play Mobile Legends to Run Smoothly without Lags on Android

Wi-Fi or 4G LTE connection
Indeed, this game is recommended to use a stable connection, it can be Wi-fi or 4G LTE. It can only use a H + or 3G connection with a full signal record, but it also does not guarantee it will make playing games comfortable or smooth. Because PING is recommended for this game is below 50ms, if it is above 50ms or 100ms it is more certain that the game will experience problems such as stumbling, lagging, or even the road where the connection alias is not real-time. What is PING? PING is (Packet Gopher Internet), is the length of time needed to go back and forth from the client device to the server / response to the server. The less the better.

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Cleans all applications that are running or open
Indeed for the Mobile Legends game is known to be lighter than its competitors, Vainglory. But still for Android with 1GB RAM you have to close all running applications so that this game can run smoothly without problems when playing. Because for Android with 1GB RAM it is not support for Multitasking or running two applications or many applications at once. The fit is also right when the war is playing in the middle of the game because of the many open applications while playing this game. So make sure to close all applications when playing this game.

Change Android settings to Performance Mode
This method is quite effective for Android with 1GB RAM down, especially for playing games. Some smartphones support this mode of setting, especially modes for playing games. For example, Asus branded cell phones have 4 modes, namely Perfomance, Normal, Power Saving and Super Saving modes. For factory defaults, it is usually set to normal settings, if you want to play games without lag, just change the settings to Perfomance mode by going to Settings> Power management> Perfomance. Indeed, the HP becomes a bit wasteful of batteries, but only in this way can we play Mobile Legends games smoothly without lag.

Change Chart Settings in the Game
Another way to play Mobile Legends games so as not to lag is to change the graphics settings in the game. There are 3 setting options that we can change, namely Low (low), Mid (medium), High (high). For Android with 1GB RAM even 3G or H + connections should change this setting to Low or low, usually a big influence when playing games, because the default setting of this game is Mid, so you must replace it before playing. How to change settings by first entering into the Mobile Legends game, then open your Basic Info or Profile, then select Options, and there will be settings that we discussed earlier.

Don't Play While Charging the Charge Charge
Some cases when playing games while charging the cellphone will also affect Android performance. The electricity produced and excessive heat temperature will affect the kinjera from Android which often causes lag. If the ends do have to charge because the battery will run out, how come it will be forced to charge, but make sure the charger and cable are genuine. Just a suggestion, if the cell phone starts to heat better off the rear chassis or if the cellphone is given a softcase it is better to remove it first so that the heat can come out smoothly.

That was how to Play Mobile Legends to Run Smoothly without Lag on Android. Please comment if there are questions, and don't forget to share with your friends who have 1GB of Android RAM too. thanks.

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