How to Write Text Using Sound on an Android Mobile

Technological developments are growing rapidly, many developers create new and sophisticated innovations so that it is very helpful in terms of work. But most people do not know that in their Android phone there are many useful things that they do not know, including how to write text with sound on their Android phone. On this occasion the world of tanzil will review how to write with its special voice on the android phone. Your own benefit is that you can write articles, short stories, poetry, etc., as for the teacher can write questions easily and easily and no less important writing with sound guaranteed to be anti-wrong or wrong because, unlike typing manually, sometimes sometimes miss one of the letters that will be written differently by writing with sound because it has been printed from the language application system that has been downloaded. but everything must have shortcomings like day and night its own shortcomings here that can not write semicolons or other signs and must be written manually or typing alias as usual by using a virtual keyboard or android default keyboard
* First of all, make sure that on the Android phone you have installed the Google application, usually this application has been from the factory default, but when buying a second phone, sometimes this application is deleted because according to some people this application is just decoration on their Android phone, therefore they are not feel this application is very useful in terms of typing and has other functions such as those often displayed in TV advertisements that are "okay google" by saying or speaking okay google then you automatically go to google search and you are encouraged to speak directly according to what will Searched on the Google search engine, after that the Google search engine will answer with a sound too or when the database limitations on Google only comes out of normal writing but if you have no Google app on your Android phone then you just download the Play Store

After the Google application already exists on your cellphone, automatically on the virtual keyboard, precisely at the bottom left, there is usually a picture of the speaker or mic, but if there is still no one, you just hold the button to the right of the sym

Here there are two options that are the first to type online and the second is to type offline, the first is online before you make sure the settings are set according to the language we want to write, for example the language we will write in Indonesian, then we have to choose Indonesian

The second way is offline if you want to write with voice offline because of the problem of running out of internet data packages then you are recommended to download the language first if you use indonesian the size of the download is 14MB

You can already type with a happy sound, of course, in terms of writing. good luck and success ....

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